Pinterest, Reddit, Mix, Digg,, Pocket, Slashdot, We Heart It, Flipboard, LinkedIn, and DZone.

Discover the Top 11 Social Bookmarking Websites for SEO

1. Pinterest:

An image-sharing platform doubling as a social bookmarking site.

2. Reddit: 

A popular platform for sharing thoughts and content, also great for bookmarking. 

3. Mix (formerly StumbleUpon):

Allows users to save and discover content for later.

4. Digg:

Submit URLs and gain visibility through user engagement.


Share and discover content in a link-sharing platform.

6. Pocket:

Bookmark articles, videos, and more for later viewing.


7. Slashdot:

Submit stories and engage with the community.

Bookmark and share content in over 20 languages.

8. We Heart It:

9. Flipboard:

A social sharing platform for content curation and bookmarking.

10. LinkedIn:

Beyond job searches, it's a social bookmarking platform.

11. DZone:

Specifically designed for software development and programming content.