10 Ways You Can Potentially Make Money with Google Ads

1. AdSense: Show relevant ads on your website or YouTube channel and earn per click or impression.

2. Targeted Advertising: Attract high-paying advertisers by building a niche audience.

3. Increased Traffic: Well-placed AdSense ads can generate more visitors to your site.

4. Content Strategy: AdSense revenue can help fund creating high-quality content.

5. Multiple Channels:  Monetize a blog, website, YouTube channel, or even an app with AdSense.

6. Free to Use: AdSense itself is free to join, you only need a platform to display ads

7. Pay Per Click: Only pay when visitors engage with the ads, reducing financial risk.

8. Advertiser Competition: High competition among advertisers can lead to better payout rates.

9. Scalability:  Earnings can grow alongside your audience and clicks

10. Passive Income:  Potentially earn revenue even while you're not actively working on your content.