Here are 10 websites where you can post press releases for free

1. PRLog: PRLog is a go-to place for businesses wanting to post press releases. They offer a free service, where you can publish on their website and even include links and media. Still, PRLog's coverage is pretty limited to people who visit their site or subscribe to their RSS feed

2. IssueWire: IssueWire offers free press release distribution services for businesses of all sizes. They have a broad distribution network that reaches a variety of news sites, blogs, and media outlets. IssueWire also provides companies with analytics on the reach of their press releases

3. NewswireToday: NewswireToday is another platform that allows users to submit press releases for free. It offers distribution services to help you reach a broader audience and gain media exposure.

4. has both free and paid services, each with different levels of visibility. While they do accept free press releases, paid ones get more attention on their feed

5. OpenPR: OpenPR is a service based in Germany that provides free submission and distribution along with SEO benefits.

6. Free PR Now: Free PR Now is a very simple press release aggregator that posts all releases on their homepage

7. ClickPress: ClickPress focuses on charitable causes and CSR news, offering free press release submissions. But, if your news is related to advertising, you'll have to pay for distribution.

8. MediaPost: MediaPost is a media website that allows free press release distributio

9. BizEurope: BizEurope is a European-focused press release submission network.

10. NPR: National Public Radio always accepts submissions of newsworthy content, though global news will always take center stage. Keep in mind that NPR has strict editorial guidelines, so your press release needs to be newsworthy and well-written to be accepted.