10 Ways Press Releases Impact Off-Page SEO

1. Backlink Boost:  High-quality publications picking up your release can link to your site, passing on valuable "link juice" and boosting your authority in search engines' eyes.

2. Brand Awareness: Increased exposure through press releases can bring more people familiar with your brand, potentially leading them to search for you organically.

3. Content Discovery: Press releases can spark journalists' interest, leading to coverage that mentions your brand and links to your website.

4. Local SEO:  For local businesses, press releases can build citations by getting your name mentioned on relevant news sites.

5. Social Media Buzz:  Press releases can be shared on social media, spreading brand awareness and potentially driving referral traffic to your site.

6. Long-Term Impact:  A well-written press release can stay online for a long time, offering ongoing SEO benefits.

7. Credibility Signal:  Being featured in reputable publications portrays your brand as trustworthy, which can indirectly influence search rankings.

8. Targeted Reach: Craft press releases for relevant publications to attract links from websites that search engines value.

9. Quality over Quantity: Don't spam with press releases. Focus on newsworthy content to get picked up by high-quality outlets.

10. Track and Analyze: Monitor how your press releases perform to see which tactics generate the most SEO benefits