10 Ways to Check Keyword Search Volume

1. Google Ads Keyword Planner: This free tool by Google lets you research keywords and see their estimated average monthly search volume. It's ideal for planning PPC campaigns but also offers valuable insights for SEO.

2. Free Keyword Search Volume Tools: Several online tools offer free keyword search volume checks. These tools may have limitations on the number of keywords you can check at once or the accuracy of the data, but they can be a good starting point.

3. SEO Suite Trials: Many SEO suites offer free trials that include keyword research tools with search volume estimates. These tools often provide more advanced features than free standalone options.

4. Competitor Website Analysis Tools: Some SEO tools allow you to analyze your competitor's websites and see the keywords they rank for, along with estimated search volume. This can be a great way to discover relevant keywords you might be missing.

5. Long-Tail Keyword Research Tools: These tools can help you identify long-tail keywords (more specific keyword phrases) with lower search volume but potentially higher conversion rates.

6. Social Listening Tools: While not strictly a search volume checker, social listening tools can help you discover popular topics and phrases related to your niche. This can give you clues about what people are searching for.

7. Answer The Public: This free tool helps brainstorm questions people are asking related to your topic. These questions can be valuable keyword targets.

8. Google Trends: While not providing exact search volume, Google Trends shows the relative popularity of keywords over time. This can be helpful for understanding seasonal trends and identifying rising keywords

9. Browse Forums and Communities: Look at forums and online communities relevant to your niche. See what questions people are asking and what topics are being discussed. These can be potential keywords.

10. Analyze Your Existing Traffic: Look at the keywords people are already using to find your website through analytics tools. This can reveal valuable keywords you might not have considered.