Website vs YouTube: 10 Points for Making Money

1. Content Style: Videos? Go YouTube. Text-based content or a mix? Websites offer more flexibility.

2. Startup Time: Launching a YouTube channel is faster. Websites take more time to set up and design.

3. Monetization Methods: Both offer ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. Websites can also sell products/services and subscriptions.

4. Ad Revenue: Websites can potentially hold more ads and have more control over ad placement.

5. Long-term Growth: Websites can benefit from SEO, building a loyal audience over time. YouTube success relies more on virality and trends.

6. Content Creation Time: Videos can be more time-consuming to produce than written content for websites.

7. Discovery: YouTube's algorithm can help new creators reach viewers. Websites often require more marketing effort for initial traffic.

8. Learning Curve: Both have learning curves, but video editing for YouTube might have a steeper initial climb.

9. Target Audience: Consider who you want to reach. Some demographics prefer video content, while others prefer written content.

10. Complementary Approach: You can use both! Embed YouTube videos on your website and drive traffic between the platforms.