Which WordPress Plan Is Good For A New Blogging Website?

1. Free vs. Paid: Decide if you want a free WordPress.com plan with limitations or a paid, self-hosted WordPress.org plan with more control.

2. Monetization: If you plan to make money blogging (ads, affiliate marketing), self-hosted WordPress.org is essential.

3. Customization: For a unique look and advanced features, self-hosted WordPress.org offers more freedom.

4. Technical Knowledge: Free WordPress.com is easier for beginners, while self-hosted requires some technical knowledge (or a helpful web host).

5. Scalability: Self-hosted WordPress.org allows your blog to grow easily with increased traffic and storage needs.

6. Domain Name: A free WordPress.com plan uses a subdomain ([invalid URL removed]). Self-hosted lets you have a custom domain ([invalid URL removed]) for a professional image.

7. Support: Free WordPress.com offers limited support, while some paid, self-hosted plans come with excellent customer service.

8. Cost: Free WordPress.com has a free plan, while self-hosted requires a web hosting fee (often low for beginners).

9. Features: Paid WordPress.com plans offer some premium features, but self-hosted gives you the most flexibility with plugins and themes.

10. Privacy: Free WordPress.com  shows ads on your site, while self-hosted lets you control advertising and data.