How To Create a Hostinger Affiliate Account 2024

How To Create a Hostinger Affiliate Account

Today, digitalization has developed so that an hour’s work can be completed in minutes while sitting at home. Ever since there has been a boost in internet connectivity, the world has taken steps to advance, and today, people can also find related career opportunities.

Due to such career opportunities, the source of passive income is generated on a colossal scale. There is a field related to it, which is Affiliate Marketing. In this entire write-up, readers will be able to understand the essential details of affiliate marketing and take a look at the affiliate program of a famous brand, Hostinger.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based activity in which a user joins the promotion program of any particular company, where the user has one motive: getting as many customers as possible for the specific company.

No matter the method, if any customer buys any product of that particular company through the user’s invited method or participates in the same activities, then the user will be paid a commission.

As a commission, some amount of the product’s margin will be received, which is called Affiliate Marketing on a significant level. Today, almost every big company has successfully launched its affiliate marketing programs, which were popular earlier and even today. One of these popular companies is Hostinger.

Hostinger is renowned worldwide for providing high-quality web hosting services. Now, in the following section, readers will be able to know the basic details and opportunities of affiliate marketing regarding Hostinger.

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a web hosting platform famous for hosting domains on its servers worldwide. This company is not only famous for this reason, but the high-quality service of this company is also behind it.

Hostinger has proved essential and beneficial for users, from affordable services to frequent offers. If today any user wants to launch their business on the server, they will need hosting and a domain, and to fetch these, the first name that appears in their tongue is Hostinger.

How can a company providing such good and quality services lag in delivering an Affiliate Program? That is why Hostinger also has its affiliate program, through which users can participate and generate passive income.

What is Hostinger Affiliate Program?

As aptly stated, an affiliate program is a performance-based activity where users must promote some products for a particular company. So, in the same way, if any user sells Hostinger’s products and, through their referral, any customer signs up for Hostinger’s plan, they are achieving a commission of a particular amount. This referral program from Hostinger is called the Hostinger Affiliate Program.

Hostinger’s Affiliate Program offers users various benefits, as mentioned in the article below. After that, readers will also be able to learn the complete guide to participate in the Hostinger Affiliate Program and sign up through a step-by-step guide.

Benefits Of the Hostinger Affiliate Program

Hosting is a trustworthy company where users are always ready to create their accounts. The Hostinger Affiliate Program will help increase your commission opportunities in such a situation. Moreover, it deals with certain more merits as follows:

  1. Different companies’ commission rates may differ, and users may not be satisfied with the lower rates. Still, Hostinger provides a high commission to its users so they may be satisfied.
  2. A unique feature of Hostinger’s Affiliate Program is that the company gives an instant commission if a customer buys any product through a user’s affiliate link. Still, apart from that, if the customer joins his plans and renews the plan, then an additional commission is awarded to users again.
  3. It has been seen in many affiliate programs that even after sales, the users are not satisfied, and the reason for this is that the minimum withdrawal amount for those companies is relatively very high. However, this is not the case with Hostinger because there is no such high threshold for withdrawing the commission.
  4. Hostinger Affiliate Program syncs the live tracking data of affiliate sales and commissions to the user’s dashboard, allowing users to have instant information about their status. This feature is not provided in many affiliate programs even today.
  5. Till now, the readers would have been able to understand Affiliate Marketing, Hostinger’s specific Affiliate Program and the benefits of joining Hostinger’s Affiliate Program, and now they will be able to know the complete guide to access their dashboard by participating in Hostinger’s Affiliate Program which is as follows.

How To Create a Hostinger Affiliate Account?

  • To participate in the Hostinger Affiliate Program, first of all, a user must go to their device’s browser and search Hostinger Affiliate Program in the search bar.
search Hostinger Affiliate Program in the Google
search Hostinger Affiliate Program in the Google
  • Now, they will see the link to Hostinger’s official site at the top, which they must click.
Show Access Hostinger Affiliate Program Links
Show Access Hostinger Affiliate Program Links
  • Users must click on Access Affiliate Program, as shown in the following image.
Hostinger Affiliate Program deshboard
Hostinger Affiliate Program deshboard
  • From here, users have to check the check box of the privacy policy and cookies and then click on continue.
  • If you have an existing account with Hostinger, you can create one by entering your account information. Below the people, there is a partner signup button, and you have to click on it.
Hostinger Login Panel
Hostinger Login Panel

👉 Now, Sign Up Method How to Create Hostiner Affiate Account:-

  • Here, the users will see the progress, showing four different steps; in the first step, they will have to submit their account details, including their company’s or their name, the name of their website, their complete address and their phone number.
Hostinger Sign Up Form
Hostinger Sign Up Form
  • After filing all these details, you will have to check the box of cooking consent and click on the Next button.
  • In the second step, users must enter their complete name, email address, and password and then confirm their password, after which they must click Next again.
Hostinger Sign Up Form with user details
Hostinger Sign Up Form with user details
  • In the third step, users must first select their promotion method, for which they must click the drop-down arrow and click on their relevant factor.
Hostinger Sign Up Form with additional details
Hostinger Sign Up Form with additional details
  • In the next box, they must paste the URL of their promotion method or channel. For example, if you have selected blogs as your promotional channel, then in the second box, you will have to provide the URL of your blog.
  • In the third box, you have to select which product of Hostinger you want to promote; it will include hosting website builder or both.
  • In the box next to it, you must mention the monthly number of visitors visiting the promotion channel from where you want to promote Hostinger’s product.
  • Now, by clicking on the drop-down arrows of the last two boxes, you have to check the I understand box, and by clicking on the Next button at the bottom, you have to reach the final step.
Hostinger Sign Up Form I understand option
Hostinger Sign Up Form I understand option
  • In the fourth step, you must tick all the checkboxes and verify your humanity by clicking the box ‘I am not a robot’ and the signup button.
hostinger affiliate program user agreement image
hostinger affiliate program user agreement image
  • A verification link will be sent to your email, or an OTP will appear, which you will use to verify your hosting account.
  • After verification, your user details will be sent to your email, and you can access your affiliate dashboard through the link sent on the email itself.


After reading this article, readers will be able to know the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing and a step-by-step guide to participating in Hostinger’s affiliate program. Kindly stay connected for such tech-related informational content.

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