10 Best SEO Tools in 2024 – Tools To Improve Your SEO Strategy

Best SEO Tools

If you want to pull natural traffic to your website, it’s important to be visible on search engines like Google and Bing. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve looked into the 10 Best SEO Tools to help you achieve a good position and bring huge traffic through giant search engines like Google and Bing.

Here are the 10 Best SEO Tools in 2024 that you must know

1. Semrush (Best SEO Software):

Semrush is considered one of the Best SEO tools because it offers many SEO features without being too costly for small businesses. While no SEO platform can exactly meet every website’s needs, Semrush is available with almost everything a website’s owner needs.

Semrush has features like keyword tracking, site crawling, backlink analytics, and Application Programming Interface (API) access for third-party integrations. Its prices are relatively affordable, and you can add various tools to your plan for an extra charge.

Semrush covers almost all SEO features, including tracking keywords, crawling websites, analyzing backlinks, and providing API access for integrating with other applications. It’s reasonably priced, and you can add more tools to your package for an additional fee. It allows you to easily find potentially valuable keywords based on things like how often they’re searched, how hard they are to rank for, their intent, and recent trends. Even the most basic plan lets you track up to 500 keywords daily.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesAll-in-one SEO suiteBacklink monitoring and analyticsSite crawling + keyword tracking
Starting Price$99.95 per month
Value-addsLocal SEO module
Customer SupportTicketing & phone
Basic Functionality– Keyword research– SERP tracking– Content optimization– Link management– Competitor research– SEO audits

2. Ahrefs (Best for Experienced Users):

Ahrefs is a powerful tool with many features, which can make it a bit difficult to understand at first. However, if you’re familiar with SEO, it can be a fantastic helper. It’s particularly famous for its keyword research tool. Also, it has a comprehensive web crawler, only surpassed by Google’s.

When you compare it to the modern and advanced look of Semrush, Ahrefs might seem a bit more complex and technical. It might not be as user-friendly for beginners, but it provides some potent tools. This is why, Ahrefs is the preferred choice for marketers with more experience.

Ahrefs has many features beyond what you might know. It can check your website thoroughly, suggest improvements for your content, and analyze your website or even someone else’s in a useful way. The report on links is particularly useful as it shows which links are beneficial or detrimental to your website.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesPowerful keyword research toolComprehensive competitor researchExcellent site auditing & backlink analysisTrue all-in-one SEO solution
Starting Price$83 per month
Value-addsSERP history tool
Customer SupportEmail, Twitter, live chat
Basic Functionality– Keyword research– SERP tracking– Content optimization– Link management– Competitor research– SEO audits

3. SEOptimer (Best for White-Label Reports):

SEOptimer comes with different price plans. The plan is ideal for individuals, while the other two are more suited for small businesses, especially those in content creation or SEO. One of its unique features is white labeling, which allows you to generate SEO reports for your clients under your brand name.

SEOptimer is a great tool for your SEO needs, but it shines with its white labeling feature. This allows you to provide your clients and potential customers with professional SEO reports at just a click, all under your brand. This makes SEOptimer a good choice to go with SEO businesses looking to enhance their services.

It provides reports that analyze various SEO elements like broken links, how quickly a page loads, keyword rankings, and the amount of search traffic. I used it to generate a report for my website and compared the results with those from Google Analytics. The information was the same, but SEOptimer’s report was much easier to understand and looked better visually.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesWhite-label reports on higher tiersKeyword tracking and recommendationsLower cost option for individualsRobust SEO auditing tool
Starting Price$19 per month
Value-addsWhite-label reporting
Customer SupportEmail, live chat
Basic Functionality– Keyword research– SERP tracking– Content optimization– Link management– Competitor research– SEO audits

4. Mangools (Best for Keyword Research):

Mangools is the collection of SEO tools to research and manage keywords, search engine results pages (SERPs), links, the health of your website, and your competitors. It’s particularly well-known for its keyword research capabilities.

Mangools is a company that provides SEO software. They are available with different tools like KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. These tools help you with various tasks such as finding the right keywords, analyzing how well your website ranks on search engines, keeping track of who is linking to your site, and evaluating your website’s overall performance.

KWFinder is a tool that helps in discovering the keywords that are easy to rank for and have a good amount of searches. It’s impressive how and can with many data and present it in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesStrong keyword research solutionFive unique SEO tools in oneUser-friendly interface
Starting Price$29.90 per month
Value-addsKeyword research
Customer SupportEmail, live chat
Basic Functionality– Keyword research– SERP tracking– Content optimization– Link management– Competitor research– SEO audits

5. Yoast (Best for WordPress Users):

Yoast is a widely used SEO tool. It’s a WordPress plugin that’s easy to use and very helpful for reminding you to add meta titles, descriptions, and targeted keywords to your posts and pages. While the free version is quite handy, the paid versions offer more features and support.

Yoast is a popular plugin for WordPress that is the best SEO tool due to its ease of use. It’s excellent for examining the SEO on your site’s pages and posts, and it provides tips for enhancements. It reviews your site’s content, the structure of your sentences, the use of passive and active voice, subheadings, and the length of sentences and paragraphs.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesOn-page SEO suggestionsGlobal settings for site-wide preferencesReadability analysis
Starting PriceFree or $99 per year
Value-addsOn-page SEO
Customer Support24/7 on higher tiers only
Basic Functionality– Content optimization– Link management– SEO audits

6. Google Search Console (Best Free SEO Tool):

Google Search Console (GSC) is a useful tool that helps in indexing your website. It also identifies any errors and pages that weren’t indexed, it gives an overview of your site’s performance in terms of traffic, click-through rate (CTR), and impressions.

GSC is a free SEO tool by Google that provides some basic features for improving your website’s visibility on search engines. It doesn’t have all the features of paid services like Semrush or Ahrefs, but it’s quite useful if you’re not planning to invest money in such services.

Google provides reports on mobile user-friendliness that help spot any potential problems for those accessing your site on their phones. Many of the features in Google’s Search Console are easy-to-use tools that can quickly improve your site’s SEO.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesUp-to-date insight on current rankingsSubmit sitemaps & fix SEO issuesUnderstand website performance
Starting PriceFree
Value-addsSitemap submittal
Customer SupportVideos & documentation
Basic Functionality– SERP tracking– Competitor research– SEO audits

7. SEO Panel (Best Open-Source Solution):

Whether you go with a free version or a paid version hosted in the cloud of the SEO Panel, you get useful features to monitor your backlinks, the speed of your pages, the positions of your keywords, and your site’s ranking. The paid versions of this SEO tool include additional features like plug-ins for managing social media, customizing your SEO Panel, and checking multiple keywords at once.

It’s hard to come across active open-source software, especially in the business-to-business area. I was glad to get the opportunity to feature SEO Panel, a surprisingly powerful and user-friendly SEO platform. It was a no-brainer to choose it as the top open-source SEO software in 2023.

Even if SEO Panel doesn’t offer the same features as a paid service, it still provides strong support resources.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesBacklink and page speed analyticsRank tracking for Google and AlexaBuilt-in site auditor
Starting PriceFree
Value-addsFree & open source
Customer SupportTicket, email, forum
Basic Functionality– SERP tracking– Link Management– SEO audits

8. LinkResearchTools (Best for Link Building):

LinkResearchTools is a service that specializes in link building, as its name suggests. It provides various tools to enhance your link-building strategy, study your competitors, and avoid actions from Google that could harm your ranking. It’s important to note that it’s one of the pricier SEO tools available.

LinkResearchTools is an SEO service that focuses on link building and studying competitors. Besides its paid subscriptions, it also provides free tools through browser extensions (for Chrome and Firefox) that focus on evaluating link power, verifying links, and managing redirects. While LinkResearchTools works at examining backlinks, assisting you in checking new links, and revealing your competitors’ strategies, it doesn’t offer a comprehensive SEO solution.

The standout features of LinkResearchTools are centered around link building, including tools like Link Juice Thief, Link Detox Boost, and Link Alerts. For instance, the Link Juice Thief tool examines the outgoing links of your competitors, allowing you to create links to the same places and indirectly gain links from your competitors’ sites, effectively “borrowing” their SEO power.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesDisavow file managementLink simulator for vetting linksDeep competitor analysis
Starting Price$483.25 per month
Value-addsLink simulator
Customer SupportTicket, phone
Basic Functionality– Keyword research– SERP tracking– Link Management– Competitor research– SEO audits

9. Netpeak Spider (Best for Site Audits):

Netpeak Spider is an SEO tool that you install and use on your computer, and it’s useful for conducting website audits to improve your on-page SEO. It also provides data enrichment features, making it easier for you to reach out to others for link building. An added advantage is that Netpeak Spider is one of the most cost-effective SEO tools available, and it even offers a lifetime license option.

Netpeak Spider is a well-known SEO tool that has a more specific focus compared to other tools on the market. Its main features are crawling websites and conducting SEO audits, although it does offer some additional features. While it’s user-friendly, it has numerous settings that could be a bit too much for some users.

Netpeak Spider can quickly scan your website and find common SEO issues like broken links, and repeated content. Many website owners don’t realize these problems can lower their site’s ranking. By fixing these simple issues, your website could become more visible on search engines.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesFast, thorough SEO site auditsAutomated data enrichment for outreachBasic backlink analysis
Starting Price$7 per month
Value-addsLifetime licenses
Customer SupportEmail
Basic Functionality– SERP tracking– Link management– Competitor research– SEO audits

10. Conductor (Best Customer Service):

Conductor focuses on big businesses, offering tailored solutions for SEO and marketing. Customers often praise Conductor’s support team because they provide direct help.

All the SEO software we’ve talked about is useful, but it can be hard to fully use them by yourself. Especially at the beginning, it’s really helpful to work with experts who can explain how the software works and help you use it as effectively as possible.

If you use Conductor, you’ll get to work with a team of specialists who can answer your questions and help you reach your goals. They start by reviewing your current marketing methods and then help create a plan for the future. This level of support is more than what most SEO software offers.

Key Takeaways

FeaturesCustom-built SEO suite based on your needsOn-demand AI recommendationsDetailed analytics & insights
Starting PriceCustom pricing
Value-addsSEO roadmaps
Customer Support24/5 tailored to you
Basic Functionality– Keyword research– SERP tracking– Content optimization– Link management– Competitor research– SEO audits

How We Review SEO Tools?

People want different things from SEO software. So, I tried to be fair in my review by considering many factors. I signed up and tested all 10 services listed to see how they work. The most important things I looked at were how well they work, how easy they are to use, their cost, and their customer service. But I also took into account what makes each service unique.

When testing the SEO software providers, I evaluated:

Basic functionality: An SEO strategy is a plan to improve a website’s visibility in search engine results. It aims to attract more organic traffic by optimizing and promoting content.

Value-adds: When we talk about specific platforms, certain distinct advantages set them apart from others. These unique benefits make them stand out in their own way.

Ease of use: It includes the easy interface of applications like how easy to access a particular option like tutorials, and customer support.
Pricing: While cost isn’t the only factor, it plays an important role for small businesses. The key consideration was ensuring that each platform provided enough features and benefits to justify the investment.

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