How To Change Your Instagram Username?

How To Change Instagram Username

Today, social media plays its role in our lives in such a way that if it goes missing for a day, there will be chaos in the world. Well, we get to see this when social media servers go down temporarily. Whether someone wants to share their content or their data, social media is beneficial, and today, you will see many such platforms categorized under social media platforms.

When Does Instagram Get Popularity?

One of these popular social media platforms is Instagram. Although many years have passed since the arrival of Instagram, since 2016, it has been seen on every individual’s smartphone who was using 4G internet. Today, Instagram has become a platform where people share their content and get many benefits like fame, earnings, advertisement, etc.

A new user will face some difficulties in accessing such a widespread social media handle for the first and in today’s write-up, one of these queries has been highlighted, and the solution for the same has been stated in a very easy way in the format of a guide, users can learn How To Change Instagram Username

What Is a Username On Instagram?

Before going through the guide on changing usernames, readers need to know what usernames are on Instagram and what effect they have. The word Username itself has its meaning. If read carefully, it becomes clear that the Username is the name of an account registered for a particular user.

In simple language, an Instagram username is a username that is the unique name of your account, and this Username is the key to accessing a person’s account. To date, all the Instagram accounts have a user name registered on them, which is unique, i.e., after a user name is registered, no other individual can register the same user name again in Instagram, which is why the Username of the account is always unique.

Use Of Username On Instagram

Although a username has only one function in Instagram, which is to locate a particular individual’s account, a username becomes most effective when you have to find an account associated with a familiar name. These days, there can be many people with one name. Still, on Instagram, only one account is registered with each Username; the most significant advantage is that a specific account can be searched quickly by the particular Username.

Until now, the readers may have been made aware of the essential info of Instagram, so now they should move ahead because now the readers will get the complete information so they can easily change the Username of their Instagram account.

How To Change Instagram Username?

  • First of all, the Instagram application should be present on your device.
  • Now, you have to launch the Instagram application.
  • As soon as you launch it, ensure you are logged in to the account whose Username you want to change.
  • From the home interface of Instagram, you have to click on your profile picture (at the bottom right), as shown in the image below.
Instagram profile icon
Instagram profile icon
  • Now, you have to click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen
click the Instagram 3 line icon
click the Instagram 3 line icon
  • Now you have to click on Settings and privacy
go to Instagram settings and privacy
go to Instagram settings and privacy
  • On the next page, click on Account Centre
go Instagram account center
go to the Instagram account center
  • Now, you will reach the account management page, from where you have to click on the profile, as shown in the image below
click Instagram profile
click Instagram profile
  • Now, you have to click on the Username.
  • On the next page, you will see the existing Username of your account, which you can edit.
  • To change the existing Username, click on the value box, remove the existing Username, and change it to the new one.
change Instagram username
change Instagram username
  • Make sure to keep a unique username that must not be availed ever.
  • After entering the new Username, click on Done
click Done button
click Done button
  • Your Username has been successfully changed on Instagram.

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In this way, you can also effectively change the Username of your Instagram account very quickly, and the exact change will be affected immediately. All this information and guide has proved helpful for all of you, so stay connected for such tech-related content.

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